We have a winner with CineECG

Congratulations to Iris van der Schaaf of UMCU for winning the prestigious Jos Willems early career investigator award at the 47th annual conference of ISCE in Palm Springs (CA). Iris presented the results of working with CineECG in identifying early signs of Ischemia from 12 lead ECG. And her competition in this award contest was fierce and impressive!
And her intermediate conclusion is YES, we can because Iris has demonstrated CineECG is very sensitive in showing changes against normal ECGS in case of coronary artery obstruction even when changes in ST amplitudes are small or even too small to notice in a regular 12 lead ECG.
CineECG can really help ER departments and other first line physicians in identifying cardiac disorders in unclear ECG’s without having to wait for additional data.

CineECG vd Schaaf at isce 23
We are very proud and want to take this opportunity to thank Peter van Dam, Ton Gorgels, Manon Kloosterman, UMCU, Eureka and the Dutch Heart Foundation for supporting the research conducted by Iris. One of our earlier blogs gives more insight into the work of Iris if you want to learn more.

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