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CIneECG waveform comparison against normal bandwidth

Male 70 yrs with Left Bundle Branche Block

In this ECG case study we describe the advantages of using CineECG for the following case: male 70 yrs with
CineECG 3D view within CineECG Demonstrator

Introducing CineECG Demonstrator

By introducing CIneECG Demonstrator we provide an interactive view on how ECG interpretation can be so much easier and better.
mayo clinic making waves

CineECG is the next step

Mayo Podcast interview: Gorgels indicates he thinks CineECG is the next step into the development of electrocardiography.
challenges in AI based ECG interpretation

Challenges in AI based ECG interpretation

There are many challenges in AI based ECG interpretation. A recent Mayo Clinic podcast shows a frightfull list. There's a

Anyone can interpret 12-lead ECG

Ever since the 12 lead ECG was introduced in the medical domain a key question is how to ensure anyone

ECG interpretation should and can improve

A recent Mayo clinic study on ECG interpretation proficiency shows and underpins: ECG interpretation should and can improve.

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