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CineECG is a patented technology powered by ECG Excellence. The founders of ECG Excellence have their roots in ECG data signal processing and (inverse) cardiac modelling. The technologies developed by ECG Excellence and its founders share the ambition to uplift the clinical value of the classic 12 lead Electrocardiogram (ECG | EKG).
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The companies supporting CineECG

The ECG was invented plus 100 years ago and has delivered significant clinical value to patients and physicians despite its limitations. To make CineECG available for users ECG Excellence partners with companies who are also driven by the shared passion to support easier and better ECG interpretation.
ECG Excellence
ECG Excellence

ECG Excellence

ECG Excellence is a Dutch based healthcare company with its roots in non invasive cardiac diagnostics. The founders of ECG Excellence share a passion for improving the clinical value of the classic 12 lead Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) through digitisation and computer modelling.

They take pride in following the footsteps of Professor Willem Einthoven who co-invented the ECG in 1911. Improving ECG interpretation performance is one the key drivers for the ECG Excellence team to move the classic ECG from the analogue to the digital age. CineECG is the first of a range of ECG improvement technologies the team is working on.


AMPS is a Limited Liability Company based in New York, USA with a highly specific expertise in the field of the software for quantitative analysis of cardiovascular system and more specifically the resting and ambulatory electrocardiographic signal. Indeed, AMPS software is used worldwide, in Clinical Research Organizations, phase1 clinics and pharmaceutical industry.

Founded in 1998 by Fabio Badilini, PhD, F.A.C.C. AMPS is nowadays the world leader in the production of software tools used specifically in the field of quantitative ECG analysis and blood pressure monitoring. AMPS was directly involved in the definition of the standard selected by the FDA for the submission of digital ECG records into the warehouse developed by Mortara Instruments (HL7XML standard) and it received the FDA Commissioner’s Special Citation in 2003.


Cardio Calm srl is an Italian company based in Montichiari (Brescia). CardioCalm has the mission to bring its innovation and research to the European Healthcare domain. CardioCalm also transfers the know-how gained in the USA by AMPS-llc to the European health care markets.
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The science behind CineECG

Scientific base for CineECG

The technology behind CineECG is based on decades of research and clinical validation. View the R&D portfolio to find a listing of the key scientific publications and studies on which CineECG has been built. Of course further research and development activities are deployed by the organisations behind CineECG. The R&D portfolio will be regularly updated. Or register for our newsletter to keep informed on the latest CineECG options.
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Quality and GDPR statement

CineECG technology and services are based on the latest standards for quality and data privacy. You can download our quality and GDPR statements.

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