Changes in diagnostic cardiology

ECG Excellence diagnostics

Changes in diagnostic cardiology are gaining momentum. A recent report indicates that this market is evolving at a rapid pace.

Screening for AF with ECG

AF screening

Next month Dutch parliament will vote on screening for AF with ECG for people over the age of 65. Let’s increase the ECG screening scope!

Mistakes in ECG interpretation

mistakes in ECG interpretation

Rapid and correct ECG interpretation is essential in Emergency Departments, mistakes in ECG interpretation should be avoided if possible.

Complex progressive conduction block

CIneECG case study conduction block

This CineECG case study shows a complex progressive conduction block. A two level AV-junctional conduction block hinders easy ECG interpretation

Improving heart modeling

Computerized ECG modeling

To increase the clinical value of noninvasive ECG data we focus a part of our research on improving heart modeling. And progress is made.

Digital Health innovations 2023

digital health innovations

Looking forward to the digital health innovations 2023. How does these innovations relate to ECG interpretation innovation?

Computerized ECG interpretation

ECG data processing

Computerized ECG interpretation was introduced some 50 years ago and this technology is now on the brink of moving to the next level