Changes in diagnostic cardiology

ECG Excellence diagnostics

Changes in diagnostic cardiology are gaining momentum. A recent report indicates that this market is evolving at a rapid pace.

Improving heart modeling

Computerized ECG modeling

To increase the clinical value of noninvasive ECG data we focus a part of our research on improving heart modeling. And progress is made.

Digital Health innovations 2023

digital health innovations

Looking forward to the digital health innovations 2023. How does these innovations relate to ECG interpretation innovation?

Next year’s digital health trends


Every fall experts start predicting the next year’s digital health trends. This year this tradition is continued. We focus on the ECG impact

Artificial intelligence-based ECG analysis


Artificial intelligence-based ECG analysis is a hot topic in cardiology. There’s a growing number of applications being developed. But is this a one-size-fits-all solution?

Trusting Digital Health solutions


Trusting digital health solutions is one of the key challenges which need to be solved before patients can benefit from these innovation

Virtual health care for heart diseases

heart health care diagnostics

The provision of virtual heart health care as a result of the pandemic restrictions (we faced in the past years) is an international trend. More and more consumer demand will grow towards clinical validated diagnostic tools which can deliver output at the moment of their own scheduling. We have already solved the second part of the challenge and we do deliver a fully automated 12 lead ECG interpretation for both rhythm and ECG waveforms