CineECG Webinar (Video Download available)

24-11-2021 | Nieuwerbrug, The Netherlands – Montichiari, Italy

On November 16th 2021 the CineECG webinar was a great success. Over 50 ECG experts joined us in the launch of the CineECG webservice.  CineECG provides a unique rapid ECG waveform interpetation services complemented by a heart rhythm analysis based on the Bravo algorithm.

CineECG is a digital twin technology which only requires standard digital 12 lead ECG data for input and provides a report within seconds. CineECG supports the immediate comparison between a normal ECG and the recorded value in all phases QRS, ST segment and T waves. CineECG also presents the data in a heart visualisation of the electrical pathway and the level of conformity with a healthy normal pattern.

In the webinar ECG specialists professor Fabio Badilini, dr. Peter van Dam and dr. Emanuela Locati explain the added value of CineECG compared to current ECG interpretation practice.

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