ECG Excellence BV & Fysiologic BV Collaboration

ECG Excellence BV and Fysiologic BV our proud to announce their new collaboration: The CineECG technology of ECG Excellence will be integrated into the Electrocardiogram interpretation workflow of Fysiologic. Applying the new interpretation technology provides Fysiologic with the ability to increase their diagnostic performance especially regarding the conduction related performance of the heart. And in this way offer a unique service in remote ECG interpretation to support Fysiologic’s growing customer base. We want to thank Robert den Engelsman of Fysiologic for his enthusiasm and the recognition of CineECG’s added value.

For 45 years Fysiologic BV is a Dutch medical technology company specialising in ECG diagnostics. Fysiologic is market leader in the Netherlands and has experienced significant growth over the last decade. Since 2009, Fysiologic has also entered the international market and collaborates with several hospitals, clinics and practices. Fysiologic operates its services in 9 countries on 3 continents and continues its growth.

The mission of Fysiologic has always remained the same: we use all our knowledge and expertise to detect arrhythmias as early and as well as possible. For Fysiologic: The ECG is in their DNA!

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