ECG Excellence awarded second place in Dutch Standardization Competition

ECG Excellence awarded second place in Dutch Standardization Competition

14-10-2021 | Nieuwerbrug, The Netherlands

On October 14 2021 NEN (the Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute) recognized ECG Excellence bij awarding a second place in the annual National Competition for standardization and innovation. The jury judged the ECG Excellence entry with admiration. This innovation offers a very relevant digitization in the field of ECG technology. With the implementation of this beautiful technology, ECG Excellence will make a huge improvement in the more accurate reading of ECG scans and therefore be a huge asset to healthcare!

The CineECG team thanks NEN for the lovely cake! And we are grateful for this recognition. Sincethe invention of the Electrocardiogram the technology has been limited due to the lack of standardization in both recording and data processing. CineECG is a significant first step for removing the standardization barriers and making ECG interpretation easier, better and faster.

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