CineECG presented at Staff-Malt conference Italy

01-09-2021 | Nieuwerbrug, The Netherlands

On September 3 Peter van Dam, co-founder of ECG Excellence and Machteld Boonstra, PhD at the cardiology department of the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands will present CineECG to the Staff-Malt Conference 2021.

Staff-Malt is an international forum of ECG experts which meets annually to discuss the latest findings and innovations in the domain of non invasive cardiac diagnostics and prognostics. CineECG has been developed over the past years and is a new technology which applies digital twin reconstruction of the electrical activation. CineECG provides an answer to the ECG interpretation challenge:

“Find a solution to image cardiac activation and directly relate it to anatomy, easily implemented within the current clinical workflow and avoiding invasive diagnostics”

In their presentation the origin of CineECG will be highlighted, its roots in Vectorcardiography and the breakout solution it provides for 12 lead ECG interpretation. Also the growing list of CineECG validation studies will be stipulated. A copy of the presentation is available, please contact the team of CineECG.

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