CineECG is presented as key emerging technology

We are honored to be named as a key emerging technology for heart disease detection. In a recent published podcast Anthony Kashou MD from Mayo Clinic talks with Dr. Salah Al-Zaiti from UMPC on this studies on emerging technologies to improve Ischemia Detection. And CineECG is especially highlighted as the smart solution to make ECG interpretation so much easier. The burden of proof which supports the added value of CineECG is growing each day and we are more than grateful for all the work you have already spent of applying CineECG to detect Acute Coronary Syndrome / Ischemia. The conduction pathway as visualized by CineECG and the comparison with healthy persons ECGs normal support physicians in not only distinguishing between normal and abnormal ECGs but also support early identification of ischemic area’s in the heart.
From the CineECG team we look forward to continue the collaboration and support physicians in making Heart Disorder detection easier and better.


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CIneECG waveform comparison against normal bandwidth

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