CineECG embraced at ISCE Las Vegas Conference

That’s it! The 46th annual conference of the International Society of Computerized Electrocardiology in Las Vegas is a wrap.
And how privileged we feel. We were able to present 5 posters in which showed the results from our collaboration with leading scientist. Our diagnostic CineECG technology was introduced in a poster session. And also highlighted in the opening track by Dr. Salah Al-Zaiti from Pittsburg Universities Cardiac Emergency department, in the session of Dr. Peter Loh cardiologist/electrophysiologist at UMCU on cardiac genetical disease management and by the key note speaker Dr. Stephen Smith of Dr. Smith ECG blog during his presentation on diagnosing acute coronary occlusion. We are honored by this recognition. We thank the hosts, the organizers and the fellow participants for the inspiring discussions and feedback. Next stop is the HRS conference end of April in San Francisco.

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CIneECG waveform comparison against normal bandwidth

Male 70 yrs with Left Bundle Branche Block

CineECG 3D view within CineECG Demonstrator

Introducing CineECG Demonstrator

CineECG Tutorial

CineECG report vs2

mayo clinic making waves

CineECG is the next step

challenges in AI based ECG interpretation

Challenges in AI based ECG interpretation


Anyone can interpret 12-lead ECG

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