CineECG classifies +25% more patients with ACS

UPMC study shows: CineECG classifies +25% more patients with unclear pain in chest ECGs than other ECG expert systems.

On this years International Society for Computerized Electrocardiology conference in Palm Springs (A) one of the two selected abstracts lectures was given bij Zeineb Bouzid. She presented the results of  her recent CineECG study.

 The study underpins CIneECG helps to classify +25% patients with undifferentiated chest pain in emergency room settings with Acute Coronary Syndrome. And without any loss of precision as compared to expert ECG systems. The study also states CineECG combines all the features used by other diagnostics methods in the ED setting by just using 10 second 12-lead ECG. We want to thank Dr. Salah Al-Zaiti for supporting this study.  If you want to explore CineECG yourself, free trials are available

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