Academic recognition for CineECG

This week a true milestone is achieved for ECG Excellence. We are so proud of Machteld Boonstra being the very first to use CineECG in her public defence of the results of her academic PhD research on CineECG and the use of non-invasive inverse ECG techniques in Cardiomyopathy.  

Over the past years Machteld has worked in UMCU on delivering both the conceptual, technical and clinical validation of CIneECG and her findings have been published in leading cardiology journals. We also want to thank her promoters Professor Folkert Asselberg, Dr. Peter Loh and Dr. Peter van Dam for supporting Machteld on this journey in becoming a Doctor in Science.
Due to Machteld’s work we have been able to extend the sound scientific base of CineECG. Which base we are expanding every day. There’s a pipeline of other PhD candidates now working with CIneECG both at UMCU and other Clinical thought leader institutions. We thank the Dutch Heart Foundation for their support of a key part of Machteld’s studies. We salute and congratulate Machteld, she is now for ever part of our CineECG community.

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