CineECG Community Newsletter #2

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  1. The ECG Excellence CineECG USA tour 2022
  2. A new CineECG case study
  3. The introduction of theCineECG Camera arm which will increase the clinical value of the ECG
  4. An interview with Fabio Badilini, professor at the University of California San Francisco medical center (UCSF), founder and co-owner of AMPS-llc and CardioCalm. SRL
  5.  Introducing the delta map view within CineECG

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Improving CRT response

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Origin of atrial ectopic activity

cineecg flow inferior wall infarct

Inferior wall infarction

extensive anterior wall infaraction

Extensive anterior wall infarction

male female amplitudes JoECG 76

ECG waveforms tell more than amplitudes

coronary microcirculatin M Kloosterman 2023

Coronary vascular dysfunction

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