CineECG Community Newsletter #1

CineECG is proud to be able to share their first community newsletter to all it’s members.

  1. A reflection on the CineECG Deep Dive day earlier this year.
  2. A CineECG case study that demonstrates the added value in ECG interpretation.
  3. An interview with Arie Maan, former Head of ECG at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands.
  4. The CineECGPlus project, which will increase the functionality of CineECG

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CIneECG waveform comparison against normal bandwidth

Male 70 yrs with Left Bundle Branche Block

CineECG 3D view within CineECG Demonstrator

Introducing CineECG Demonstrator

CineECG Tutorial

CineECG report vs2

mayo clinic making waves

CineECG is the next step

challenges in AI based ECG interpretation

Challenges in AI based ECG interpretation


Anyone can interpret 12-lead ECG

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