ISCE is a special event for CineECG

Next week’s annual conference of the International Society of Computerized Electrocardiology or ISCE is a special event for CineECG and ECG Excellence.
First, Peter van Dam, our scientific director will be chairing a track on “modeling disease pathways through ventricular repolarization”. In this session the use of computerized modelling to identify electrical disorders in the large heart chambers will be the focus.

Second, CineECG as a new approach for 12 lead ECG interpretation will be presented in a number of lectures and poster presentations. To kick off with some expected highlights: Zeineb Bouzid of University Pittsburg Medical Centre will present outstanding results of CineECG in classification of ACS patients in emergency medicine and in this presentation the performance of CIneECG will be compared to other ECG expert systems. Zeineb is an expert in machine learning and AI in the cardiovascular domain and we are very happy with her results.
Next, Prof. Ton Gorgels will show how CineECG compares to standard 12 lead ECG interpretation in complex cases of repolarization localization and how ECG interpretation is supported by CineECG. Within the session on the Jos Willems young investigator award 2 ladies present the work they are doing related to CineECG. Iris van der Schaaf will present how CineECG performs in identifying ischemic changes and Manon Kloosterman will present the early stage of a study in which the added value of CineECG in detecting STT-wave Changes during Invasive Coronary Testing will be investigated.
On the poster presentation side we are looking forward to sessions by Prof Platonov on applying CineECG to investigate P wave morphology in the atria, Ramkumar  Venkateswaran from UCSF also applies CineECG in this domain and finally Rasmus Frosted from Rigshospitalet Coopenhagen will present the use of CineECG in monitoring genetic cardiac diseases. In our blogs we will go more in depth on each of these presentations in the coming weeks. If you want to be kept up to date and check why ISCE is a special event for CineECG  log in to our Blog page regularly or checkout Feedspot on ECG blogs.

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CIneECG waveform comparison against normal bandwidth

Male 70 yrs with Left Bundle Branche Block

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Challenges in AI based ECG interpretation


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