Anyone can interpret 12-lead ECG

Ever since the 12 lead ECG was introduced in the medical domain a key question is how to ensure anyone can interpret 12-lead ECG by making ECG interpretation easy, better and faster

Improving CRT response

Improving CRT response in heart failure patients is another CineECG feature. New study results presented at HRS 2023

Origin of atrial ectopic activity

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Exiting news regarding the use of CineECG in localizing the origin of atrial ectopic activity. New study results presented at HRS 2023

Inferior wall infarction

cineecg flow inferior wall infarct

In this blog we will address a case of identifying a specific case of a heart infarct, in particular an infarct in the lower part of the heart (Inferior wall infarction ; RCA distal to the RV branch)

Screening for AF with ECG

AF screening

Next month Dutch parliament will vote on screening for AF with ECG for people over the age of 65. Let’s increase the ECG screening scope!