Improving Electrocardiogram based diagnostics focal point in Staff Malt conference

Improving Electrocardiogram based diagnostics is a passion and ambition shared by an international group of scientists and industry specialists. By sharing their insights and visions this group actively seeks to improve patients health in the non-invasive low cost way the ECG technology offers.

STAFF MALT showcases new solutions for improving electrocardiogram based diagnostics

This week the annual STAFF-MALT conference will be held in a wonderful location in Czech Republic. It will be the 18th edition of this conference and researcher and industry specialists will gather to discuss the latest insights in ischemia and imaging in relation to the Electrocardiogram (ECG|EKG).
There’s a lot of room for young investigators in this conference and these rookies are tutored by the more experienced experts in the ECG domain. STAFF-MALT is often the conference in which the innovations are presented in stages between early and mature concepts.
In this years conference our scientific Director Dr. Peter van Dam PhD will be chairing a track with 6 sessions covering conduction defects, cardiac pacing, and the ECG

In this track CineECG will be presented and compared to other ECG analysis methods to detect conduction abnormalities and ischemia. We look forward to the insights which will be presented by Vito Starc.
And in another track and session Marjolein de Jongh from Leiden University will be presenting the results of her study on applying CineECG for Ischemia detection and localization. The support of Ton Gorgels in this presentation is invaluable.

New promising solutions for heartdisease detection
The results of CineECG are impressive and we are grateful for all these studies who further build the CineECG case. There’s much more to see in the ECG and it’s great to showcase this to the world.
And to put some icing on the cake our dear friend Machteld Boonstra will present her findings on using ECGsim for simulation of structural conduction defects in the heart and the impact of these defects on the 12-lead ECG. ECGsim is a great software package for simulation of the relationships between the heart activation, ECG electrode positions, heart orientation and the interaction with ECG data. ECGsim has been developed by the team behind CineECG and ECG Excellence and is a free downloadable tool for education and research purposes in the domain of Cardiovascular disease detection and monitoring.

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