Changes in diagnostic cardiology

ECG Excellence diagnostics

Changes in diagnostic cardiology are gaining momentum. A recent report indicates that this market is evolving at a rapid pace.

Mistakes in ECG interpretation

mistakes in ECG interpretation

Rapid and correct ECG interpretation is essential in Emergency Departments, mistakes in ECG interpretation should be avoided if possible.

Complex progressive conduction block

CIneECG case study conduction block

This CineECG case study shows a complex progressive conduction block. A two level AV-junctional conduction block hinders easy ECG interpretation

Computerized ECG interpretation

ECG data processing

Computerized ECG interpretation was introduced some 50 years ago and this technology is now on the brink of moving to the next level

New Delta map ECG view

Jelectrocardiology delta wave map

The new Delta map ECG view, is different from anything developed for the standard 12 lead resting ECG, making disorder detection effortless

Essentials of recording ECG


The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a great diagnostics instrument, yet the essentials of recording ECG are important to avoid misinterpretation

Improving ECG interpretation

learning ECG Interpretation

A recent Mayo clinic podcast again stipulated the need to improve ECG interpretation skills, but there are other ways for improvement.