ECG and STEMI criteria

stemi non stemi

The discussion regarding ECG and STEMI criteria is needed to Improve rapid ECG-based heart attack identification

Female heart disease diagnostics

female heart disease diagnostics

Heart disease diagnostics based on 12-lead ECG is difficult but Female heart disease diagnostics appears to be even more challenging. Female hearts are different from males and this also reflects in differences which can be seen in the electrocardiogram.

ECG to diagnose chest pain

chest pain

Chest pain is the most common manifestation of coronary heart disease and almost always physicians use the ECG to diagnose chest pain. CineECG outperforms all other solutions is rapid non-invasive heart disease diagnostics

Female heart is different

women heart disease

The female heart is different. Both in its response to cardiac events and stress but also in its physiology. New diagnostic technology helps in applying gender differences in ECG based triage at

Using computers to improve ECG diagnostics

Computing in Cardiology

This year’s Computing in Cardiology conference is held in Tampere Finland. Hundreds of attendants are visiting and presenting in the 3 days event. Our focus in on the sessions which focus on our key competences: ECG waveform analysis and Inverse Cardiac Modeling.

Remote heart monitoring and ECG waveform analysis

remote heart performance monitoring

Remote heart monitoring, called by many names has been an integral tool for caring for patients outside of facility settings for a long time, and its application has only grown in recent years as better technologies and infrastructure allow more capable monitoring in a patient’s home.