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CineECG Tutorial

Page 1 shows all the results of the CineECG analyis. Details regarding the results of the ECG waveform comparisons for both the ventricles and atria can be found on pages 2 & 3 for the ventricles and page 4 (atria) The report shows the patient information as contained in the received ECG data set.The gender […]

CineECG Webinar (Video Download available)

CineECG Webinar, hosted by ECG Excellence

24-11-2021 | Nieuwerbrug, The Netherlands – Montichiari, Italy On November 16th 2021 the CineECG webinar was a great success. Over 50 ECG experts joined us in the launch of the CineECG webservice.  CineECG provides a unique rapid ECG waveform interpetation services complemented by a heart rhythm analysis based on the Bravo algorithm. CineECG is a […]

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CineECG Tutorial

Most people are familiar with the ECG as an instrument to register the heart rhythm. For this purpose, only 2 electrodes placed on the skin are sufficient to get an effective measurement. But the ECG also registers the conduction in the heart tissue. The heart activation cycle produces a electrical current which flows through the […]