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You have indicated you are interested in our free trial option with CineECG. This email informs you on the way forward.

CineECG is a new method for 12-lead ECG interpretation and complementary to the existing, mainly heart rhythm focused, technologies and algorithms. CineECG relates the 12-lead ECG data to the heart anatomy, standardizes the data and compares the person's data with a normal distribution of healthy normal ECG’s derived CineECGs (electrical pathway). This comparison is done both for the CineECG data (which reflects the main electrical activation and recovery path through the heart) and the ECG amplitudes.

As research shows, CineECG is more sensitive, not only in QRS but also ST segment and T wave analysis. This way CineECG supports making distinctions between normal and non-normal heart conduction. CineECG has also been developed to make ECG interpretation easier. For this purpose, we have developed additional views on the same data beside the classic 4*3 presentation of the 12 graphs. We offer interested professionals the opportunity to learn more on CineECG by converting their ECG data to a CineECG report. This CineECG trial service is free of charge and this can help you to learn how to read a CineECG report and notice the ease of ECG interpretation provided by CineECG.

At the moment we offer a free trial for two situations:

  1. Situation I: You have the ECG data available in a raw or dicom format. We can handle multiple digital formats (ISHNE/ DICOM/ FDA HL7 / GE Binary / GE Cardiosoft / GE Mac2000 / GE Muse / Mortara XML / Philips Sierra / SCP / Schiller XML / AMPS binary / AMPS xml). Please send us an ECG data file and you will receive a CineECG PDF report back as soon as possible (we normally target the same day).

  2. Situation II: You have the ECG data available in a vectorized PDF format (straight from your ECG recording device) which has been created by the ECG recording device/application. We can also process these ECGs but the conversion to digital may take more time. You can expect a CineECG PDF report back in a couple of days.

To use this PDF free-trial service all you have to do is:

  1. Select a PDF of an ECG (can be more than 1). We do need the original PDF generated by the ECG recorder. We cannot process a PDF made from a screenshot or a PNG/JPEG file.

  2. Send your PDF to: Please tell us the brand of the ECG recorder which was used. We process most brands but PDF build and thus conversion differs per brand.

  3. Wait a week (max) to give us some time to convert the data and generate the CineECG report. (NB When the service is back on automatic this whole process will only take seconds)

You will receive an email with the CineECG report in return.

After reception of the report, we would enjoy your feedback and/or additional questions.

Kind regards,
The CineECG team

If you do not want to receive this type of messages anymore, please let us know.

Take the option to experiment with CineECG using your data

You can experience the added value of CineECG yourself. By clicking on the button (request contact) we will send you an email with more data on how to submit an ECG data file to us and which data formats we can handle (we can handle most! But not PDF). As CineECG is just in research mode available the use of the CineECG report you will receive is not intended to be used in a clinical practice. 
We intend to produce the CineECG report within the same day (monday – friday) and send you this report by email in return.

How we approach free testing CineECG

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